Letting go...releasing your ex...cutting cords

Do you need to clear your energy from any past relationships that might still be impacting your energy? Even if you aren’t still together or cut ties years ago, that energy from your ex might be still connected to you, lowering your vibration.

When we form relationships, invisible (or visible to some who see) cords of energy form, connecting us to one another. These remain, even if the relationship does not.

If you have felt extremely tired and drained of late, it may be a good time to make sure your energy is clear and that no one is holding you down. Let go by cutting cords with this person. It doesn’t mean you wish them any harm. It’s just a release of an energic connection that may be lowering your vibration. Your vibration is your unique code in the Universe. It’s kind of like your calling card.

It’s so important to keep your vibrational level high and your energy up, especially with the among of toxicity and negativity that is present now. Listen only to the gentle call of love. Do all things in love. When you do this, you will see that it is returned to you ten-fold.

To cut cords, try doing this meditation.

Call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to protect you and to assist you in the process. As you say their names in your mind, they will instantly come to you. Envision your ex standing a few feet away from you. Picture a golden rope connected to both of you at the heart. In your mind, release the person by saying, “I am now releasing you from any connections we may have in this lifetime or in any past lifetime that affects me now. I do this from a place of extreme self-love towards myself so that my energy may be raised and so that I may live my best life in the present. Peace be with you as we move forward separately.” Now imagine a pair of golden scissors in your hand and cut the cord. Watch the person slowly fade from your view. Feel your energy start to rise.

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