Let Go, Surrender, and Release

Has anyone else been going through this period of unrest lately? I’ve been dealing with this for awhile now. Some of it is certainly just being uncomfortable with uncertainty in my life. I realize that by holding on tighter and fighting for control over something that is inherently meant to be fluid, I’m actually making it worse. I’ve kept hearing the same message over and over again, “Let go, surrender, and release.” To me this is a strong message to sit back and gain perspective. I’ve had some negative energy, shadiness, and unkindness thrown my way of late. It’s so easy to complain about it and wonder why other people can’t “Let go, surrender, and release.”

The reality is that it’s all about perspective. I’m not the only one who may deal with an unkind family member or a snarky colleague. I’m not so unique in this. Most of us would likely say this has happened to them. When I step back, pause, and think about it from this perspective, it helps me to be able to let go of my personal attachment to the negative feelings that these interactions bring up in me. Rather I can say, well this has happened and I’m not pleased with this situation, but many others are going through what I’m going through. I’m not alone in my feelings. Maybe no one else in my family or at my job has this experience or feels this way, but somewhere else on planet Earth another soul certainly does right now.

The Buddhists practice the meditation of tonglen to help gain perspective about these types of situations. In this meditation, we breathe in pain and suffering of all beings and then as we exhale, we breath out love and healing energy to all beings. In this way, we help ourselves by helping others. It is the healed helping the healer. If you haven’t already downloaded the free app Insight Timer, I highly recommend this to you. You can find several guided tonglen meditations to get you started.

It’s important to realize that we allow ourselves to believe that other people have the power to make us crazy or miserable. That just isn’t so. Don’t give away your personal power. Don’t let yourself believe that anyone else has the power to influence your inner state of peace and joy. Happiness, joy, and peace are all internal states. You can’t find these things outside or through another person or object. Once you realize this, it will truly allow you to find freedom. In my life, it allows me to have equanimity in any situation. I might struggle at times for a few days, but I always pause, gain perspective and then come back to my balanced, peaceful state.

A few months ago I heard this message from Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of women, on inner peace and I think it’s so fitting today.

Many of you search for peace in your lives. Seeking this as if it’s something you can magically manifest or pick up on the shelf of your local store. You won’t find peace there. Peace is always an inside state and you already possess it. You might not feel it. You may struggle against it, but it’s deep in your being. You have only to tap into this inner peace. You may ask how to go about this? Especially if you feel anything but peaceful currently.

Well the secret is in stopping fighting against it. Yes. We are our own worst enemies. We reject that we are already born with basic goodness and peace inside us. We feel anxiety or even anger because we think we’ve lost it or maybe never even had it. Stop for a few moments in silent meditation. Bring your thoughts from the outside world in. When we focus on the inner world and tune out the outside, there our inner peace starts to be revealed to us.

Stop wasting your energy and time looking for peace outside. Accept that your spirit is already a bountiful place of inner peace.

Be well friends! Wishing you peace!

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