Kindness and Manifesting Abundance

Today I was teaching a meditation class on manifesting abundance, and the thing with abundance is that it doesn’t start with obsessing over how much we have or do not have in the bank or what our salaries are or how we are perceived. It all starts with our internal state of abundance. Do we believe we are abundant or are we hyper-focused on what we lack instead? The simplest way to manifest abundance of any kind, whether it be money, love or joy, is to be grateful for what we already possess, to express this appreciation, and to go forward offering kindness to others. Abundance is a circle. Watch how much better your life will start to get once you make offering appreciation and gratitude a regular practice in your life. I am so very grateful for all the many beautiful souls who are in my life and the abundance of love that I receive. Sometimes I get a little cray cray and focus on the monetary abundance I don’t have and forget that I have so much love and I stop complaining to myself.

If you are grateful to a person for any small act they do, small amount of joy they brought you, or way they make your life just a little better—don’t hold it all inside. Let them know! Send them a note, a text, an email or just say, hey your thoughtfulness matters and I appreciate you. We often forget to tell each other these things. They really do make such a difference in life. To be recognized and appreciated for the little things you do, are really the big things in life. They are what’s important.

I heard this message from the Archangel Raphael yesterday which is quite fitting at this time of the year:

Take time to appreciate all the small little things that bring joy to your life. They may seem small, but later they will be everything. They will be the memories you hold onto and cherish. And just let go of whatever resentment, anger or hostility you are knowingly or unknowingly holding onto. You don’t need to hold it in any longer. It’s poison in your body. It’s harming you. You can’t go back, so why do you live in the past emotionally? Do you even realize you are doing this? Think about how many times you’ve said, “well I used to . . .”

Things are happening as they are meant to, but you can change the outcome—the trajectory. How? Choose a different course of action. Choose to go forward in supreme kindness. Spreading that kindness about everywhere you go and with everyone you come into contact with. Even with those who try your patience. Especially with those people! They are in need of your kindness the most, and they are most often the ones to push away any act of kindness. They feel so poorly about themselves that they are unable to show themselves any kindness. And if others try to offer it to them, many times they will push it away out of uncertainty and fear. It might take some time. Stick with it. Kindness is free. It’s something we can all offer to each other. It’s truly the balm to soothe us of our emotional distress.

Be well friends!

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