Key & Candle Magic - Day 8

Day 8 | December 28

Key and Candle Magic

Items needed:

  • key (decorative or unused real)

  • piece of paper

  • string

  • white candle anointed with essential oil (rosemary, sage, pine, or holly)

Set the key upon your altar. Place your candle on the altar in a holder and light the flame. Look into the flame and watch the pattern of the smoke rising for a few minutes. Ask yourself what you need to unlock your heart to higher levels of love. Write down a few keywords or things that come to mind on your paper. Now wrap your key inside the paper, forming a scroll and wrap it up with your string or ribbon. Leave the scroll on your altar until you feel the spell has done its work for you. Repeat this after the next moon cycle if you feel you need more unlocking.

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