Just stay home and other lies I've loved

I keep seeing a lot of social media posts saying, “You aren’t trapped at home. You are safe at home.” While it’s true that perspective can unlock our minds from some of the rigid, black and white thinking we tend to do, let’s be aware that this isn’t quite true for all. For some, home is not a safe place. Home might be a tense place. Home might be a violent place. Home might be an unhappy place. Many of us are now at home “trapped” with people we are in relationships with for extended periods of time. Perhaps we aren’t used to so much “togetherness.” Maybe it’s great! Or maybe it’s suffocating.

For some of us who are blessed, our homes are bright, happy places to be. And it truly has always been our sanctuary. That is definitely the case for me. But now I’m asked to work from home—my sanctuary. I’m asked to bring a part of my life that can be rather stressful into my peaceful sanctuary. I am blessed to have a job that allows this, but it’s still a dramatic shift for me. Gone is the peaceful commute to work listening to true crime podcasts and the little breaks throughout the day chatting with some of my colleagues. Now it is replaced by working out of my basement office and taking Zoom meetings while trying to act like it’s normal to be working while in my “daytime” pjs. No, nothing is NORMAL right now.

Why this confinement is so difficult for all of us, is that it is NOT a vacation. We have been asked to give away our liberty for the highest good of all. It’s not like we won a free vacation to Disney. This is a huge ask. It’s not a small thing we are all doing.

Remember how I spoke of perspective in the beginning? We may never contract the virus. Maybe we aren’t in the risk group, but we are asked to care about other people we don’t know and hope they care enough about us and our families that they don’t know. All to help the greater good. Why? Because there is no separation between us.

There is no us and there is no them. There is just one. In Buddhism this concept of oneness is a defining moment, when we realize that we are not the star of the show. We are merely actors in the supporting cast and that Earth is the star of the show. We are all connected together in some small way. Yes, all of us.

Many have asked me what this time period is all about. What do I hear from the guides? This time period is designed for us to (1) awaken fully on our spiritual paths and (2) to spend time reviewing our relationships with others and ourselves.

Remember we are all awakening at a different time. We are not all in the same place. Be kind to one another. Allow each other to feel whatever emotion comes up. Now is not the time to smile pretty and to act like the world isn’t in flames all around you.

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