June Full Moon Message

I feel like I start off every Full Moon post with, “People have completely lost their minds” yet, it is so fitting this month again. This Full Moon message is guided by Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the moon, hunt, and wild animals.

Message: You are attracting your own reality. What you want lies right ahead of you, but you might need to venture out alone to get it. But you don’t need to feel scared. You are wise. You have the wisdom of all the spirit, the guardians, the goddesses, behind you. We are with you! Pushing you up and offering you strength and wisdom. Focus on what you want. See the beauty that is around you. Even the ugly will be transformed and transmuted into beauty. There lies purity within, and around you. You just need to close your eyes and visualize it. See yourself in this peaceful place. Close your eyes, be still, and let yourself be taken there—to this peaceful, pure place. There is something growing, and it is beautiful. Allow yourself to see this place. The world will be yours to conquer soon enough. There is nothing that can stop you from rising. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN STOP YOU FROM RISING.

Overarching message: Expect miracles. Be on the lookout for angels disguised as everyday people you may encounter.

Spirit animal: Masked Weaver. The male weaver takes building his green nest very seriously. He will destroy his nest and start over to build a better nest. All in an effort to attract a female weaver to be his mate. The female weaver is very discerning. She looks for a mate who has a sturdy nest to protect her and her future brood. See the symbolism there?

Also, be on the lookout for three blue jays flying together. When you see these birds, they are a symbol for strength, communication, and intelligence.

Message: Be careful with the messages you send out. You want to be strong in your actions, but you must use your intelligence to get ahead.

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