Intuitive Reading for May 2020

Archangel Michael: You will be reconciled from the one(s) you’ve been missing. Some reunions will be joyful and others bittersweet. This will be a very emotional time period. Let your friends help you through it. Don’t keep all your feelings bottled up.

Have patience with the situation you are in. Things will turn in your favor, but all the ground work needs to be laid first. You might not see it, but it is all coming together.

Just keep being your true authentic self. Don’t try to change or fit into some mold when you feel frustrated by delays. Stay the course. Your power comes from tapping into your true “higher” self. The beautiful you that is at the essence of your soul.

Your angels and guides are trying to keep you safe from harm, to help you stay grounded. Know that the abundance you seek is coming your way. Don’t be tempted by the false promises of the dark energy that will try to get you to buy into a negative narrative. It’s very important to keep your thoughts positive and focused on a victorious outcome.

Are you sharing your gifts with the world? That unique little song that your soul sings. Have you kept that locked away? Now is the time to let it all out. By opening up and sharing, you connect so many. That connection is the catalyst for positive change.

All the changes you have been going through are actually positive. You might not see it all now, but you will look back in reflection one day and see the profound impact the changes had on your life. You are closing the door on a few storylines that were not in your best benefit and saying hello to new ones that are more enriching to your life.

It might feel like a great period of loss right now—that a lot has been taken from you. That you’ve been robbed of your treasure. Know that this sense of great loss will pass. Lighter days will return in the Fall. Stay patient and purposeful.

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