Sometimes we receive messages very clearly, leading us to our destinations. Other times the messages are more subtle. They are softly spoken whispers, gentle reminders, symbols, coincidences, and quiet reflections. We have to read between the lines with these. We have to start to connect the dots. See where our actions are taking us in the web of life and with those we cross paths with. There is meaning behind every intersection with another we encounter. No matter how brief. Some people were never meant to stay with us for more than a season. We learn lessons, grow from this person, then release them. Others will stay with us longer once the intersection happens.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend I met at my old library who told me, “There was some invisible thread bringing you here, to make sure that we met and became friends. It’s so true how every road and path has a purpose that we may not understand or realize at the moment but eventually it all makes sense.”

If you find yourself frustrated by where you are or at a job that you less than love, remember that maybe the sole purpose for your being there is to intersect you with another. Maybe it’s not about learning something new or career growth, but about meeting new people who will lead you to another world.

I’m so blessed by my brief time at my last job. I wasn’t sure what the purpose was in the beginning, but after I met so many amazing people who are now friends I can’t imagine not having in my life.

Happy New Moon Friends!

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