Illuminating Situations

Sometimes the angels will try to get my attention and upon failure

to listen (even after asking for their help), they will go out of their way to make sure certain things pop up. And these things usually include moments that are an aberration from my normal behavior. During these times it’s beyond just shining a light on a situation—it’s like a floodlight went off. This has always happened to me when I’m in a moment where I’m not at my best. Maybe others are getting a sneak peak at my normally hidden shadow side?

When this happens, I notice that I tend to lose a few people who were in my circle. It’s during these moments that I’m not super happy, accommodating or I’m unwilling to bend over backwards for another. I’ll add extra snarky too to be entirely honest. And I’ve always thought the same thing, was that other person expecting me to be perfect all the time and when I had an off-day (or season) and didn’t meet this standard, they were done? Wow! It seems so harsh, right?

So why do the angels allow these things—I’ll call them uncommon episodes of aberrant behavior—to occur? Well, I have noticed that it always happens when they are trying to illuminate a certain situation or a relationship. Even though I am intuitive and can directly hear the angels speak, I don’t always listen. Especially when I don’t want to hear the message. Illumination can happen whenever we are ready to see clearly, but if we’ve asked for the angels help, you might be surprised at how you receive their assistance.

One of my beautiful friends was helping me the other night when I was sobbing and feeling super sad and this was our text exchange:

Me: Do we shine too bright?

Her: I think maybe we do.

Shine on friends!!

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