Human Connection

How often do you find yourself wishing that you had more time to really connect with one another on a deeper level? To engage with that one person who really gets you without you having to even explain what all your craziness means. Does it feel like there is a lot going on but it’s mainly surface exchanges? Nothing that really makes you feel anchored to each other.

When we get busy with the day-to-day minutia and overload ourselves, we create a mental fog. This fog fatigues us physically and tires our soul too. We keep going at this impossible pace, unsure of how or why we felt it necessary to run this particular race in the first place. If time frees up in our schedule, we start to fill it up with other nonsense because we are now accustomed to this crazy pace. A heightened way of living seems like our new normal. We make friends with the constant fatigue and mental overload. We may have been looking for something solid to hold onto and end up feeling lost and alone. Unable to breathe or blink without fear of missing some important detail.

So, we end up connected to a LOT of surface stimulus and we should feel like we are connected right? But we don’t. We are not connected to the real essence of the human soul before us, nor they us. We are lacking that important energy exchange.

How can you disconnect from the shallow, surface stuff and dive into the deep end?

1. Take a deep breath. Remember that you are breathing. That you are connected to your physical body via the breath. This will bring you back to you and anchor your root.

2. Make meaningful connection at least once a day.

NOTE: If you have been skinny dipping in the shallow end for some time now this may seem difficult. What’s meaningful anyway right? It’s a subjective term. Well, you’ll know it’s meaningful when your soul starts to feel a little warmer than it did before. Like the sun was shinning down on you specifically on a rainy day. Like there is a little more jump in your step. Energized in a way you haven’t been for a long time. Hope starts to take root, and fear is pushed to the side for a while.

3. Allow people you know you can trust to share your successes and sorrows.

4. Do the same thing for them.

5. Repeat daily.

Every one of us deserves human connection, love, joy, and happiness. ALL of us. No exceptions. We are all infinitely loveable just as we are right now, even with all the mistakes we’ve made in life and our flaws and imperfections. We don’t need to hide our soul essence from each other.

Be well friends! Let your soul shine.

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