How to use tarot/oracle cards to work on your shadow side

There is a lot of heavy energy out there right now. As my tough love psychic friend told me last night during our group reading session, “You are holding onto all this stuff that isn’t even yours. Let all that go.” If you are thinking about letting go, releasing, life purpose, and gaining clarity, then you must think about confronting your shadow side. Shadow work is very heavy work, but also very cleansing and rewarding. I equate it to working on cleaning out your basement. It is stuff accumulated over many years that you know you should just toss, but you hold onto and try to look the other way. If you have felt ungrounded or like your root chakra is off, or maybe you’ve seen a lot of red colors as you close your eyes to meditate, you might want to dive deeper into your shadow side.

What is the shadow side? It’s not necessarily bad. It is the propensity we have toward certain actions or behaviors that are not for our best benefit. Maybe we are prone to snarkiness or idleness. This is pretty normal. It’s not like there is something wrong with us. We want to meet ourselves with acceptance for all the parts that make up the unique us. What happens is that we have a tendency to not reveal those not so fabulous parts of ourselves to the world or even our inner circle in many cases. We would be quite content just focusing on that outward projection we show the world. Doing that is a subtle form of aggression towards ourselves. It is like saying, well I can reveal these facets of myself, but definitely not this, this, or that. Those, I am keeping buried for fear of rejection or reprisal. Every single one of us has things in our shadow side. There is not one single perfect living human out there. This shadow work we do, is meeting ourselves, right where we are and going deeper than the side we reveal.

Maybe you’ve done this type of work before. I have as well, but every time I do it again, and go a little deeper I seem to connect the dots to something that was just off in my periphery. It unlocks bits of my personality that give me clarity about choices I tend to make.

I created this little shadow work spread for you to use with your oracle or tarot cards. The picture will show you the basic grid of this 11 card spread. Use whatever cards you feel called to. You could also use multiple decks if that feels right. The question to ask yourself in each category is, “What is my relationship towards… money (health, love, friends, career, etc.)?”

Here are some things to think about in each category.

Revealed or Projected Side = How the world sees you

Shadow Side = Hidden from most, in some cases all

#1 Friends & Family (Revealed) – These are environments where respect for each other is mutual. You feel you can be yourself. You have learned from these relationships and it has been positive for your growth. You feel cared for and supported. There is deep connection and understanding.

#2 Friends & Family (Shadow) – You deal with a lot of energy vampires. There are narcissists. Relationships are one-sided. You feel disrespected. You aren’t sure if these people even understand you.

#3 Love (Revealed) – You have committed relationships that are mutually beneficial. You don’t feel held down by the other. Your needs are fulfilled. Intimacy and attention are present. You feel valued. There is passion. You are aligned to each other’s soul purpose.

#4 Love (Shadow) – You feel you need to save this person. You feel you have to chase after this person. You feel betrayed. You aren’t sure if this person is on your side. You don’t feel supported in moving towards your higher purpose. Your needs are not met. You feel like you are giving, but not getting back the same amount. Intimacy and passion are lacking.

#5 Career (Revealed) – You are in a job that is connected to your higher purpose. You feel motivated and inspired. You are in a safe environment with people who respect you. You feel recognized for your contributions. You are paid your worth.

#6 Career (Shadow) – You don’t feel energized by the work. Your creativity feels stunted. You feel complacent. You stick with the work because it is easy and unchallenging. You haven’t completed the groundwork to move upward. You haven’t learned new skills. You are not using your talents or skills.

#7 Money (Revealed) – You’ve saved for a rainy day. You made sound investments. You have plans for future success. You have an abundance mindset. You are generous. You have a healthy relationship towards wealth.

#8 Money (Shadow) – Overspending on unneeded things, or the opposite, holding onto every penny. A lack of generosity. A feeling like there is never enough. A struggle to pay for basic needs. You have a lack mindset.

#9 Health (Revealed) – Your appearance shows you take care of yourself. Your diet and nutrition benefit you. You get adequate sleep and self-care. You make time for energy expenditures.

#10 Health (Revealed) – You tend to overindulge on low vibrational foods or alcohol. You don’t take time for your own self-care. You forgo exercise. You feel ungrounded. You don’t take time for stillness or meditation.

My Shadow Self Spread

Again, these are not meant to be judgements or criticisms in any way, and you need not share these with anyone else. It’s just a guide to help you let go of what you are attached to. I’ll show you how to put the spread all together in the video.

Part 1

Part 2

If anyone has questions, leave a comment or send me an email.

Peace friends!


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