Hope-better days will come

What is standing in your way? Your mind is your biggest obstacle. Nothing else. Just your limiting ego. The one that causes you to believe you know everything and that all the answers will be revealed to you. No. That is not so. That is not living a life filled with faith. You are not meant to know everything all the time. Can you not be open to the mysteries that are around you? Can you not allow your mind to be fluid? What are you holding on to? Why are you so rigid? Self-limiting thoughts are caused by fear. Fear is the true enemy. Fear is what you battle in your mind. Not some enemy, not some virus. The actions you have been taking and the words you’ve spoken lately, are they fear based? Search yourself. Ask yourself if your mind has been polluted by outside forces that have contaminated your thoughts. Is this you thinking your thoughts? Reflect on this.

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