Herbal Cleanse Ritual - Day 4

Day 4 | December 24 | Christmas Eve

Herbal Cleanse Shower/Bath

Do this at night before bedtime.

Items needed:

  • clear quartz crystal - rosemary leaves

  • Himalayan sea salt - journal

Use a mortar and pestle and mash up the sea salt and rosemary leaves. While mashing chant the following: “Magic, Magic, Magic –help me open up to that which I cannot see.” Place your crystal by your bathtub or inside your shower. Take a bath with your sea salt blend or apply it to a washcloth and shower.

Afterwards, place your crystal under your pillow to sleep. Before you drift off say the following:

Clear crystal help me see.

Let my dreams be filled,

With visions of things

I cannot see.

Let my dreams unfold before me.

Show me the way to love.

Show me what’s in the way.

When you wake up take note of any impression or dreams you had in your journal. What do they mean? How does it relate to you?

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Yuletide to you!


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