Goddess Message-Lalleshwari

Lalleshwari was a mystic from Kashmir, India who was born in 1320. She is known for her poetry. She sends along this message to those who need to hear it. You’ll know if it’s you.

Lalleshawari -There is some confusion over what it means to be holy. What does it mean to say, “I am holy?” Are you one with the God that dwells within you? Or are you viewing yourself from the outside, like a spectator watching your life pass by? You are never removed from the holy spirit that is within you. You can fall to your knees and be humbled by it—by this spirit. It is there always. And from this place, there is hope eternal. And that hope rises up to catch you when you’ve fallen so low, when you feel like you are buried and drowning. There is that holy spirit, there with you, pushing you back up to the surface. You are the force that is pushing you forward, not some external force. The force is within you. You are the one who can rewrite your story. You can project yourself forward. You must do the work. You must create the conditions for your success.

Who is surrounding you? Are they trying to hold you down? No one, no situation, can hold you down from that spirit that is inside you. That spirit is holy. It is the spirit which makes you one with God. It’s always there. I hope you feel powerful knowing this and if you do not, I hope you know that you are a powerful force—a goddess in your own right. Watch your spirit rise.

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