Goddess Diana Balancing Moon Spell - Day 6

Day 6 | December 26

Today we call upon the goddess Diana to assist us in this spell. This spell will help balance our yin and yang energies. Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon. We are using amethyst because it is a crystal of balance. It has fire and passion energies, but also calm and temperance. It is the stone of faithful love and connects us to the goddess.

Goddess Diana Balancing Moon Spell Items needed:

  • jar

  • amethyst crystal

Set a jar outside in the open where it can collect rain water. Leave it outside until you’ve collected water. In 3 days, on the night of the Full Moon (Dec 30th), gather your jar and amethyst crystal. Find somewhere you can see the moon (it can be indoors or outside). Place your crystal inside your jar. Hold the jar in your hand and say the following:

Mystical moon siren,

I call upon thee.

To open me up,

To the power of the sky.

To keep me balanced,

Both male and feminine divine.

As it is above, so it is below.

By the power of three times three

So Mote it Be!

Now place your jar upon your altar and leave it there with the amethyst crystal inside for 5 days and nights. On the morning of the 6th day (Jan 5th), remove the amethyst, and throw the water outside. Take the amethyst crystal and bury inside of a potted plant.

Note: What do you do if it doesn’t rain in those three days? Excellent question. Message me and I will ask the goddess what the course of action for you is. If you don’t have amethyst you can also use moonstone or jade.


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