Giving & Receiving

During this season of giving and receiving, we might start to feel anxiety about who is gifting us and what the intent is behind it. Many of us love giving gifts, but we feel uncomfortable and awkward when we receive gifts. We might start going down a path asking ourselves questions like, Do I need to gift them something now? Was the gift I gave not good enough in comparison to the gift I received? They shouldn't have given me this gift?

Ask yourself where these feelings are coming from. Is this because you feel obligated to return the favor of the gift? Or perhaps you feel unworthy about receiving the gift? Maybe the cost was too much and there was no way you could afford such a gift. This might bring up all kinds of unpleasant emotions. I would encourage you to sit with these emotions for a while, and think about whether holding on to these feelings serves a purpose for you.

For those who are givers, who get such joy from giving to others, we must remember that others want to give and spread joy out too. We don't have to search so hard for the intent behind the gift, rather we can learn to be gracious receivers. This posting from Louise Hay seems fitting today:


Louise Hay ♦ September 25, 2018

Learn to receive with thanks. Learn to accept because the Universe perceives our openness to receive as not just exchanging prosperity. Much of our problem stems from our inability to receive. We can give but it’s so difficult to receive.

When someone gives you a gift, smile, and say thank you. If you say to the person, “Oh, it’s the wrong size or the wrong color,” I guarantee the person won’t ever give you another gift. Accept graciously, and if it really isn’t right for you, give it to somebody else who can use it.

We want to be grateful for what we do have, so that we can attract more good to us.

Again, if we focus on lack, then we will draw it to us. If we are in debt, we need to forgive ourselves, not berate ourselves. We need to focus on the debt being paid off by doing affirmations and visualizations.

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