Full Worm Moon & Crystal Healing

Are we ready for tonight’s Full Moon? Technically the Worm Moon is at 1:48 PM on March 9th, but we have already felt the effects of it. A few other things are all coinciding during this period of very intense energy. Mercury is going direct on March 10th and Spring Equinox occurs on the 19th at 11:49 PM.

We may have felt like things were stalled and emotionally draining during the retrograde. The full moon intensifies our emotions, so it may feel like an emotional rollercoaster for the next few days. We will still feel a little stalled even after the retrograde ends on the 10th, as we will be in its shadow side for at least 6-7 days after. Around the 12th, there will be a major shift. We will feel the stirrings of hope and like our prayers are finally being answered. After the Equinox on the 19th, we are moving full steam ahead with a lot of purpose in our actions. Energy levels will start to return to normal and we will feel more connected to Gaia.

If you are still holding onto anything that you know isn’t for your best and highest good—ask God to help you release this as gently as possible.

Crystals love to come out and soak up the energy of the full moon! The moon cleanses and recharges them. Place your crystals in direct moonlight on a windowsill or place them outside overnight. A word of caution here, I live by a state forest and little critters adore my yard and crystals! They will run off with them. I don’t leave my crystals completely out in the open. I place them in covered mason jars. Also, don’t use plastic. Crystals do not enjoy suffocating in plastic.

After the moon bath, reprogram your crystals. Take the crystal you’d like to work with or feel drawn to. You can also do an energy test here. Stand with the crystal in your left hand and clasp it under your solar plexus chakra (just under your breastbone). Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and see which way the crystal is pulling you. Are you being pulled forward, backwards or to the side? If you are being pulled forward the crystal would like to work with you today. Now set an intention for this crystal. Hold it in your left hand and ask for it to assist you with ______.

Many blessings and peace to you on your journey!

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