Full Pink Super Moon Reading

Happy Full Moon! Pick the pile you feel most connected to and scroll down to see the message.

Pile 1

Guide: Nemetona – The Celtic goddess of shrines and sacred spaces.

Symbol: Tree

Message: You need to create a sacred space in your home or yard that allows you to meditate freely and without interruption. It can be anywhere—small or large—but take time to carve out a special area.

You don’t have all the facts to make a decision yet. Wait for the signs—the synchronicities of the Universe. Whatever you choose to do you must start moving in a direction. Get your body moving. Get outside. Get fresh air and breathe.

Pile 2

Guide: Maeve – The Celtic goddess of sexuality and femininity.

Symbol: Birds

Message: Listen to your body. Get attuned to the frequency and rhythms of your unique energy. When you master this, you will be better able to know when you are off balance. Stay present in what is unfolding all around you. You have the power to decide how you want to live your life. You don’t need to sprint to the finish line. Go at your own pace and be content with the small pleasures afforded along the way.

Pile 3

Guide: Ostara – The Germanic goddess of Spring

Symbol: Hare

Message: Plant. Start planting now. Don’t wait or it will be too late. If you are not sure what to plant, ask Ostara to give you insight into what will feed your soul. Whatever you choose to grow, put your whole heart into it. You are being Divinely guided and protected during this time.

Pile 4

Guide: Sige – Mystic goddess of silence.

Symbol: Dove

Message: I know you want to connect and gather and get back to normal, but have you used this time alone to prepare? What are you preparing for? Fulfillment of your soul contract with the Divine. Have you set time aside to just listen to the whispers of the Universe? Sometimes the greatest inspirations come to you not in a loud voice shouting at you but in a gentle whisper upon your soul.

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