Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Wolf Moon! Have you noticed the charged energy out there today? Or maybe your pets are off the wall today. There is a little bit of an off-kilter feeling in the air. I think we are definitely starting to feel the effects of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde starting the 30th and continuing until February 21st.

Here is the message I hear for us all from Archangel Michael:

You are on a journey. And this is a journey to love. Now is a time to find sanctuary, to sit back and relax a little, because this is an emotional journey. It can leave you exhausted. When you start to feel like no one else is on this journey, look around you. There are so many others on the journey with you. Support each other. Embrace each other.

Have you been praying for healing for yourself or a loved one? Know that your prayers are being heard and answered. You can help with this healing by opening yourself up to love. Letting it flow through you. Your mindfulness really does effect things. Your positive intentions and kind words and thoughts do make a difference. If you have been hurt or carry childhood traumas—acknowledge these wounds. Work to heal these so that you may lift this weight from your shoulders.

This journey you are on will take you to new places and generate new ideas. Try to see the big picture. What inspires you to create? If you feel like you are a little lost and unsure of what inspires you—read a book. What messages appear? Maybe it’s the lyrics in music you’re listening to. Listen. Just allow yourself to be still for a bit and really listen. What do you hear whispering to you? That little voice—turn into that. That is the message you’ve been waiting for. That’s the answer to your prayer.

You are blossoming. Expanding. Opening. Shining. Allowing. As you move forward on your journey to love, you will unlock and unravel so many things that seemed mysterious and out of reach before. There is no rush to get where you are going. Be patient and take your time. Each stop, even if it feels uncertain or heavy, is necessary. You can’t skip these steps to avoid the pain. It’s all a part of the journey to love.

Good luck on your journey!

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