Full Moon Energy

My energy has been crazy off the charts this last week and I think that many of us may be experiencing this too. It’s like a sort of good anxiety. Like I’m starting a new project and I’m excited about it, BUT I have no idea what that project actually is, so I have all this unused energy to expend. I think some us might need to hear this message from the spirits. Here is what I hear. I hope it makes sense to those who need it.

Ishtar: That unrest you are feeling is a longing for home. Home is your true authentic self that you may have been hiding. In hiding aspects of yourself, not only do you not help others rise but you put a lid on how high you can go. You may have just started on your spiritual path or already know where you thought you intended to go, but there is still much more to learn. Even for those of you who are teachers. This is a time when you need to connect with others like you: energy workers, light workers, starseeds, healers. Connect with your tribe. Stick together. Learn from each other.

Ganesh: Worry is created by a need to control the outcomes of a situation. You don’t control that anyway, so why not release your attachment to the worry you bring forth? Feel empowered knowing that the abundance you need to move forward on your soul mission is coming to you. Practice patience and perseverance at this time. There is no need to complain about it. Accept the situation as it is presently and forgive whoever you are holding lingering resentment towards. That resentment creates a toxicity in your body that is harmful for you. Take back your personal power. Know that you deserve every good thing you desire. You are meant for so much more than you can imagine! Stay Positive and speak kind words about your situation.

A.A. Michael- Now is an important time to deeply develop relationships with each other. Get to know one another on a soul level. Listen with an open heart to each other. Can you see where the other person is coming from? Can you accept that and still be true to yourself? The extra energy in the Universe now is enhancing desires and driving long burning passions to the surface. Are you wearing a mask in your relationship? Are you letting the other truly see all aspects of you? Does anyone see it? Do you need to hide the shadow side of yourself often? Are you living authentically by doing this? Free yourself from the restrictions you’ve place upon yourself. Let it all go. Let yourself be light and carefree. It is safe for you to love and to be loved. Let your soul shine. When this happens, new love takes flight.

Crystals to aid you during this time period: lepidolite, amber, clear quartz, red jasper, aquamarine.

Remember we are on the shadow side of Mercury Retrograde too!

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