Full Harvest Moon

A rare Full Moon this Friday night will shine done upon us. This is the Full Moon in Pisces which will be illuminating and life-changing. The Full Moon is set to occur on 9-14-19 at 12:33 a.m. and will be visible Friday Night. Now is the time to set new intentions and to get out of our heads and to start taking forward action.

Here is our message for the Full Harvest Moon from Ishtar:

Your confidence may have been rocked a little over the last few months. Forgive yourself and remember all the wonderful, amazing things there are to love about you (just as the Divine does). You can handle any of the challenges that have come up for you. Have patience and don’t give into the temptation of commiserating with others. Seek out other possibilities for success. Try not to limit yourself. See the magic and wonder in everything around you. There is definitely something better waiting for you, but have you closed that outdated door firmly enough for the new, better thing to come through? Now is the time to do you. Let go of what needs to be done for others and practice self-love and self-care. Ask yourself what is best for you? You’ll see things start to open for you. New offerings will come forward. You might find a need to sign up for classes or to learn new skills to pursue your passions. Go for it!

In Love & Relationships:

Your relationships are ascending to a higher level of commitment. New love enters for many who have opened up their hearts to love. It’s a joyful time of renewed, reignited passion. A feeling of falling in love with each all over again. There will be deep insights and spiritual growth which illuminates parts of the relationship that were hidden before. There will be limited tolerance for those which no longer serve our best interest or who take us away from our own spiritual journey. As the bonds and cords are cut, you’ll be surprised with who shows up next. You’ll find reasons to celebrate. There will be a reuniting with twin flames and meeting up of old soul mates during this time period.

Be kind to one another and appreciate each day you’ve been given.

Channeled by Laura Giacobbe

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