Full Beaver Moon

Are we ready for this one? It’s the Full Moon, Mercury in retrograde and we are still feeling the effects of yesterdays 11:11 portal! It’s an extra enhanced time of powerful energy. Our angels have a message for us to help us out during this time.

Be prepared for a miraculous turn of events. As truths long hidden are revealed, there will be a flood of opportunity that presents itself in the wake of these revelations. Darkness is a necessary part of the balance in the Universe, but it’s how we stay light during the dark that brings us to our higher purpose and leads us to peace and wholeness. Are we avoiding looking into our shadow sides? When the opportunity for reflection presents itself, do we take it? Now is the time to remember that there are no bad decisions, no do-overs in life. Every action has had a purpose that’s led you presently to where you need to be. If you aren’t sure why you are where you are, start asking your angels and guides why and see what is revealed. -A.A. Michael

Love is at the heart of all healing. It dissolves fear and fear is the underlying cause for most of our pain and suffering. Sometimes fear takes root in the physical aura of the body. When this happens it’s wise to recognize that there is more to the physical body than just the anatomy. If you have been in an unwell pattern for sometime consider a second opinion or a new approach to the issue. Are there any holistic practices that could compliment your routine? The enhanced energy that is present now can be felt by most, even those not as tapped into their intuition. This can cause you to feel a little off balance. Make sure you are drinking extra water as this grounds you. Consider the foods you are consuming. Are they high vibrational food? Now is not the best time to overindulge as heavier foods will weigh down the physical body and disturb your sleep patterns. Rest and let go of what you don’t need to carry. -A.A. Raphael

You are so very loved!

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