Establishing Love Towards Yourself

With the Winter solstice approaching us this Friday, I think we are all might be feeling this sense of unease. This feeling that many things might be ending for us, and the unease that takes root when new changes begin. I see many changes happening in 2019 that will help us go further along in our soul missions—still it can seem scary.

I pulled these cards last night when I was contemplating all this. These are from Doreen Virture’s Daily Guidance for your Angels Oracle Cards.

It’s so important to treat ourselves gently, to have self-love. If we don’t see the love in things, we start to grow seeds of resentment towards others and we start to beat ourselves up over the choices we’ve made. I will be teaching a meditation tonight on manifesting abundance into our lives, so this passage from the author Leo Buscaglia seems very fitting:


You are the perfect you. No one can be a better you, no matter how much they so desire. This does not mean that you don’t have the potential to become more. It simply means that you are not in competition with anyone. When you truly accept the fact that you have all you need to become fully you, you free yourself from a self-centered, artificial identity. To be someone you are not takes inordinate amounts of energy that could better go toward a more productive activity.

Since you are one of a kind, the message here is clear. You have something to offer that will never again be possible. To devalue this is not only a tragedy for you, but in fact, for the world.

It’s so important to just be you! When we start a journey towards having more kindness and love for humanity. I think we wonder if we can be enough. Are we good enough? Are we kind enough? What about the snarky side of us or the pessimist or whatever it is that you have in your shadow side? You can still just be you! You don’t have to run from this. When I was first traveling on this journey, I often wondered if I could to do this. The answer is yes. I know how to balance extending out love and kindness to others, while still being me—which is a strong, spicy woman.

If you struggle with this, I highly recommend reading the works of Pema Chodron. Her book Awakening Loving-kindness is one of the best, easy to read books that offers such practical advice that anyone can follow. Her teacher always encouraged her to have an attitude of gentleness. “It’s not about cultivating one part of ourself and rejecting another, but about simply looking openly at ourself just as we are.” -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Pema’s advice is so on point, “We have to stick with ourselves! Have unconditional friendliness with oneself; be brave enough to stick with yourself through thick and thin. It’s easy when you like what you see, but very difficult to stay fully present to ourselves when we don’t like what we see.”

Hoping you stick with yourself!

Be well.


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