Speak your truth

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Think about the times you’ve said, “Well I shouldn’t be mad” (when someone has wronged you). Or when you say, “Well I have to be positive” (when you feel discouraged). Try not to engage in this kind of judgement on yourself. Saying these kinds of statements, when you don’t feel it, is denying your higher self. They are inauthentic to your real internal status. That does not serve you well friend!

Accept your emotions without judgement on yourself. Give yourself a date on when you feel you are able to release these emotions so they don’t start to weigh you down. It can be a specific date or something looser. For instance, maybe you can release your anger when you’ve had time to process the source of the anger.

This technique gives you permission to feel your full range of emotions. Otherwise, if you continue to deny these emotions, you will not be able to fully release these things. Speak your truth!

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