Energy Shifts 12.12

If anyone follows Alex Myles on Facebook, which I highly recommend, you will notice that tomorrow (12.12) is a day for highly charged energy shifts. I did a reading for us to see what is in store for us over the next week or so using some of my favorite decks.

Here we go:

The time is right to dive into those projects you've left to the side. Barriers will lift allowing you to go deeper into your soul plan. Be prepared for headaches, insomnia, and a feeling of unrest--like your body has energy that it doesn't quite know how to process just yet.

Even though stress is likely to arise, try to do all things from the space of a loving-heart. Offer friendship to those who need a helping hand. Be an ear for someone to listen to who is going through a hard time. Don't bottle yourself up! The biggest gift you can give is the gift of sharing yourself with others.

Don't sell yourself short. You have so many gifts!! You might be feeling a little lost lately--like there is a fork in the road and you aren't sure which way to go. Remember, taking no action is an action. As you contemplate what path will lead you to your best life, remember the Angels are always with you. Ask for their help and guidance to lovingly send you on the right path.

Be well friends.

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