End of Mercury Retrograde & The Black Moon

Yesterday as I was finishing up my other post on love, I had one of my frequent students rush into the library a few minutes before closing. She was out slightly out of breath and beaming. She tells me, “I think I’m getting engaged.” Know this woman has a beautiful spirit and has been fiercely strong and on her own for some time now so this was a bit of a shock. I was actually in a hurry to get out of the library to make my dinner plans and I was having a disappointing day in my own love relationships so I was not exactly in the mood to hear this. I took a pause though, and thought, no, I have to be present here so she can share her story with me. This is not about me, and this is important to her to talk about this. So I listened with genuine joy for her and for a while got back out of my head where I had been hibernating in all day after throwing myself a “Why is this my life” pity party. So what is the point of all this right? Well, sometimes we are so focused on what crisis or disappointment we are facing that we forget to stop and remember that we are not the center of the Universe. Everything isn’t always about us and sometimes the disappointment we face is advancing us to something even better.

One of my friends and I were commiserating yesterday and we got to talking about how a lot of us are inauthentic when it comes to our postings on social media and just in general with our friends. We fear being vulnerable and showing that we too have problems in our relationships and with love. Now, no one wants to hear a negative, Debbie Downer, but we should also acknowledge that we all go through these ups and downs in our lives. None of us have the perfect lives. We really all are a work in progress. We can feel better united in that knowledge, that no, we aren’t alone in our feelings.

Today I needed so many of my heart/love crystals to come out with me.

Rhodochrosite –Emotional Healing, self-love, love

Ruby Jade- Vitality, passion, personal power

Blue Lace Agate- Speaking your truth, calming

Sunstone- Clears negative thought patterns, cheers you up, improves confidence & self-worth

Kunzite- Aligns heart chakra, confidence, dissolves energy blocks

Rose Quartz – Attracts love

Morganite- Unconditional love

Green Beryl – Courage, Calms mind, de-stress

Aquamarine – Encourages self-respect and inner peace

With Mercury Retrograde ending and the Black Moon converging tonight, I thought we could all use a group message to see what is in store for us.

A.A. Michael:

Let the events unfold naturally. Don’t try to force anything to happen. Be at peace with that which is in front of you. Understand that you miss all the important lessons along the journey if you only focus on reaching your destination. Your thoughts are very powerful—take caution with how you speak about yourself. Make sure it is loving and kind. If you are seeking answers to recent roadblocks, set back, and disappointments, try contemplating in prayer or meditation and be open to hearing the messages that will be revealed to you. If you are still uncertain, know that you are being watched over and protected in spirit. Tap into your own intuition for guidance. You can trust yourself. All the answers you seek are already within you.


What to expect for this next period of time after the retrograde:

Enhanced love and passion in relationships. The start or renewal of relationships. Projects moving ahead much faster—a feeling of ease. Clarity surrounding life purpose and sudden bursts of insight. Expect travel, trips and the need to seek out new experiences. Abundance coming in many forms from past manifestation work.

Wishing you lots of love and good fortune friends!

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