Deer Spirit Animal Visualization - Day 11

Day 11 | December 31 | New Year’s Eve

Hekate is often seen with deer. The deer spirit animal symbolizes hope, gentleness, prayer, and moving together or apart. In this exercise, we will work with the deer spirit animal by practicing a visualization.

Deer Spirit Animal Visualization

Items needed:

  • 2 crystals (any kind)

Visualize the deer spirit in your mind. Ask her to come forth. Close your eyes. Hold a crystal in each hand. In your mind connect with the deer. Ask her to flood your heart with gentleness and kindness today and always. Say to yourself,

“Let my thoughts be kind. Let my heart be open to love. Let love shine a light on me and on one another.”

End the visualization when you feel ready and thank the deer for her assistance.

When you are driving and see a fallen deer on the roadside, say a little prayer or acknowledgment to the deer.

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