Deep Knowing

There is a place deep inside of us that knows. We know when things are not meant for us. We know they aren’t for our best and highest good. When things don’t work out as we’d hoped for, we often say, wow, I didn’t see that one coming. But, was it really a surprise? Because we know. We always know. But we bury the knowing we always have available to us in order to not know. We either aren’t ready to acknowledge that something isn’t meant for us because it’s too painful to accept we will need to let it go or we have created a storyline that we wish for even if it’s not based in reality. There isn’t any judgement in this. We all have done this. Even though of us who may be more intuitive. We either have shut off our knowing or ignored it at times that didn’t suit our alternate agendas.

When we finally have that aha moment, we can again start to tap into that deep well of knowing that exists for all of us. From that place, we can begin to see so much clearer. It’s a feeling of, well duh, I knew something wasn’t quite right. Try not to beat yourself up too much. We make mistakes, gain insight, grow, and move on. It’s when we get stuck in the same pattern that we fail to grow.

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