Crystal Love Meditation - Day 3

Day 3 | December 23

At times our body may feel off-balance due to past hurts or emotional issues. They manifest in the physical body. The body has seven energy centers known as chakras. They are spinning constantly. When they slow down or stop, we can feel stuck in our lives. The best way to describe this is how you feel physical pain in your heart after experiencing grief or heartbreak. Blockages in the heart chakra, the thymus (high heart), and the throat can prevent us from accepting and expressing our love. In this exercise, we will try to open those energy centers in the body. You only need a rose quartz crystal and a comfortable place to sit or lie down. We will call upon St. Teresa of Avila to assist us. Saint Teresa is the saint of spiritual seekers and mystics.

Crystal Love Meditation

Items needed:

  • Rose quartz crystal

Sit back comfortably. Hold your crystal in your left hand. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are on a cloud in the sky. Call upon St. Teresa to sit next to you. Picture her there. She’s holding onto your right hand. Let her comfort you. You can tell her your concerns or desires. Listen for any messages you hear. Stay in this meditation for as long as you need to communicate with St. Teresa. As you do this the rose quartz crystal will do its magic, sending gentle energy to the heart chakra. After you’re done, thank St. Teresa and say the following prayer:

St. Teresa be here with me now.

Fill my heart with love and hope.

Let me see the wonder and joy of my being.

Let all the pieces of my soul,

That have been lost return to me.

Let me feel God’s love and,

His everlasting presence.

Let me be restored to full glory.

Let my heart guide the way.

Peace, peace, peace!

Place your crystal by your bedside. Whenever you need an extra boost of love, hold your crystal and take a few deep breaths in silence with it.


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