Crystal Angels Joy Spell - Day 7

Day 7 | December 27

For this spell we are going to work with the Wunjo rune. There is no specific rune for love, but the Wunjo has many aspects of love. The Wunjo rune means joy. It also stands for harmony and good fortune. It is an excellent rune to use for connection.

We are working with the crystal angels to guide us in this spell. Who are they? “We are a team of angels that work on the earth plane with Mother Gaia (Earth) to tap into the healing energy of crystals. We can help you open up to greater states of peace and harmony by working with these stones. You can call upon us for guidance when working with crystals.”

Crystal Angels Joy Spell

Do this spell right before sundown.

Items Needed:

  • pink candle (chime)

  • wunjo rune if you have it or write the symbol on a stone

  • small dish of salt

  • amber crystal or another love one you feel called to

Take your dish of salt, put your crystal in the center. Place your candle in front of this. Etch the Wunjo symbol three times into the candle. Light the candle and say the following three times:

Crystals of Earth,

Help me feel joy.

Help me be free.

Open my heart,

To love and joy.

Set me free.

Burn the candle down while reflecting on what brings you joy and what will enhance your joy. Leave the salt on your altar for 5 days and nights (Jan. 6th) and then sprinkle the salt in your yard. Keep your crystal in your pocket or wear it for as long as you feel you need the extra boost of joy. Place your Wunjo stone by your bedside.

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