Creating Space for Abundance

At times we are just sleepwalking through life. We believe that things or having monetary abundance will solve all our life problems. We might even be positive that this money or thing is what we need to feel okay, but we don’t ever feel alive through objects. Our aliveness only occurs through interaction and connection. It is through other people that we feel truly alive.

I was talking to my BFF earlier about how I was telling a person I know how I always feel that people are rooting for me. That my friends and family are always cheering me on and hoping for me to have success, love, and abundance. And this person looked at me like I was a complete nutter (full disclosure I am a little kooky, but this was not one of those moments). It’s completely true. I am very blessed to have this in my life. If you feel that you don’t have people rooting for you in your life—ask yourself if you have cultivated this?

To cultivate loving relationships, we must allow a certain amount of vulnerability, sharing of hopes and fears, and love. If we want more of an abundance of love, we must make space for it. We have to create a home for love to live. We can’t do this if we have piled all the rooms in our home with junk so that there is no space for anything else. We have to clear out the junk to make room for more amazing stuff. And we have to be intentional about this. We can’t just wait around for love to show up on our doorstep. There may be no welcoming committee. You need to create your own party. Invite love into your home. Open the doors wide to receive the love you are all so worthy of receiving. Know this, there is always the possibility of creating more space in our lives. Our souls are unlimited. We only limit ourselves by thinking things are impossible. We create all the barriers to our own true happiness and joy. Don’t let your mind be your jailer.

Thank you, my friend Jacqueline, for walking me through this tonight. When I was sobbing on the phone driving home, you were the calm force I needed to help me find my way back to being balanced and to get out of my mind. She very wisely pointed out that when I feel someone is overly criticizing me, it takes me back to when I was a child and really was criticized for every misstep I took. I just don’t need to engage my mind into going back in time to a place that I have already forgiven and released. Even the most mindful of us forgets sometimes that we need to live in the present moment, and I am super grateful to have friends to remind me to come back home when I get a little lost.

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