Courage During Fearful Times

This is a scary time for all of us. There are many uncertainties and the amount of information being communicated to us can feel overwhelming. With the outbreak of this virus, we worry about our loved ones and ourselves. The energy that is attached to “worry” only lowers our immunity and vibration. While we can’t allow our minds to be caught up in a cycle of constant worry and fear, we also can’t sit back and take no action or simply wish it away. No, we have to take concentrated efforts to come together to help one another. It is through working together and caring enough about each other that we can succeed.

I do not have vast knowledge of the Bible, but my mother, an Italian ultra-Catholic, who has been reading it every night since she was a child sure does. She texted me this to read, Luke 10:27-37. This is the passage about loving your neighbor as yourself and the parable of the good Samaritan. My mom tells me this, “If you love your neighbor, you want to keep him safe. It’s not enough to just say I love my neighbor. It is also the action that someone takes.” That action might be simply removing yourself and sheltering in place for the good of all.

In my spiritual world and reiki realm, we have a sacred symbol that we use to offer reiki healing energy from a distance to others in need. This symbol translates into “oneness” in Japanese. If we are feeling helpless, hopeless, or just unsure of what to do now, let us offer each other the healing power of sending positive energy to one another. This is a loving action that we can do right now from our homes. Send love, positive energy, and kindness to the world that needs it so much right now. Feel that oneness that we are all connected to.

Wishing you peace and good health!


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