Christmas Possibilities

Merry Christmas on this special day! Today’s message I received from the Archangel Michael.

“With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Deck: Loving Words from Jesus by Doreen Virtue

His message for us:

“If you have doubt in your heart, you do yourself a distinct disservice to all. You are here to share yourself with the world. You are the gift. It’s inside you—it’s not something external. Don’t limit yourself. You can do so much more than you know. Go and spread kindness and peace to all.”

Deck: Archangel Michael by Doreen Virture

We are usually our own worst enemies. We allow fear to take root in our beings and it stifles our growth. Have you ever had that moment when someone out of the blue is talking about you and how talented, or smart or whatever you are and stop for a moment and you are just perplexed? Wait are they talking about me? And it sometimes takes you a moment to process this. Is that how other people see me? Why don’t I always see that? Because we spend time mentally battering ourselves. Those who love us do not see us through that lens of self-doubt that we place upon ourselves. Let’s start embracing the us that has infinite possibilities—just as God see us.

“We all have that possibility, that potential and that promise of seeing beyond the seeming.” -Maya Angelou

Be well friends!!

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