Choosing Hope

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

A Message from the Archangel Michael at the Santuario San Michele Archangelo, Monte Sant’Angelo, Italia 12.2.2019

Today I made a very long journey from Rome, through the provinces of Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, and finally Foggia straight across Italy to the mountain named after the Archangel Michael. The sanctuary is located inside a cave and it is believed that A.A. Michael revealed himself at least twice here, though I hear it was closer to five times. The first time was in 490. Since then many have made the long pilgrimage to his shrine. The first thing that struck me was how incredibly peaceful and sweet smelling the sanctuary was as I descended several flights of stairs to get to the chapel part of the sanctuary. A.A. Michael has been my spirit guide from the start and I’ve always felt a very strong connection to him. This is his message for us:

Hope Amid Despair

Hope is a very fragile thing. Some days you may feel like you have lots of hope; the days are easier. Things seem to be going in your favor. Other times it feels like everything and everyone is against you. It looks dark and bleak. You can’t see or feel hope. It’s just completely hopeless. You may wonder why and start to question your faith? You might doubt your own state of mind amid the despair that you feel drowning you. You are not faithless to questions why. You are human, having a very human experience. You can’t see from the view of the Divine, and so you wonder. Why wouldn’t you wonder? But as you stop to wonder, I want you to wonder what if? What if it’s not hopeless after all? What if your prayers are being heard; your actions going noticed, not unnoticed? Every moment of kindness and love that you show, no matter how small-even those you forget- what if those are noticed too? I can assure you they are. What may seem small and insignificant to you, is not so small. Every time you chose love over hate, kindness over anger, light over darkness, you raise yourself up even further to the Lord. Keep going forward. I know it’s easy to have hope when things are going in your favor, but of course the true test is when they are not. It’s much easier to show gratitude and mercy when you feel like you’ve been blessed. It’s much easier to be generous when you’ve been blessed with abundance. Again, the test is how you act when you do not. How you choose to act to your fellow humankind when you are amid despair. That is the reflection of your true soul. Think about this. Have we, the Heavenly Realm, ever really let you down?

We are always here. Always. We will never move away from you, but you may have found yourself moved away from us. Know this, you can always come back. Always. No matter how far you’ve moved away you can always come home. You are eternally loved. Now go show your love to the world. Plant seeds now. Start today. Keep faithful and hopeful today and spread your love so that others can be inspired to have hope for better days ahead.

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