Changes in the Air

The last few days have been an intense whirlwind of emotion. This super moon is really trying to help us shed light on things that haven’t been revealed to us yet or that have stayed hidden in the dark. Right now, we are in a period of attracting in things that we will need in order to move forward with a new course in life. You might have felt the trajectory of your path moving off course from your original path. That doesn’t mean that you are lost, only that you have picked a new journey for this time period. This is one of substantial growth that may last for the next 3-4 years. This is a period of new beginnings.

You have been working on clearing the way for this new path. A lot of work has been done expanding your consciousness. You may have been working very hard to put all the puzzle pieces of your existence together, to understand why you are where you are and where you truly belong. You now realize that you’ve had the answers all along. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what you know deep inside as being the right path for you.

Expect shakeups in relationships as the dynamics of what kept you together are being reevaluated. Many will be pushed together with new mates who have past-life connections. You are being brought together now, not only for your own growth, but to help humanity in a larger way. The partnerships have long been written into the Akashic records and now the barriers are being lifted. Those that have purpose in reshaping the world are being united again.

This will not be an easy transition. Most likely you will feel on shaky ground as the changes in your world may be much larger than you bargained for. Stick with each other, support one another, and be prepared for those who are in a lower vibrational state to judge you harshly at times.

-What you can do- Stay grounded by meditating for at least a few minutes a day, go for a short walk to connect with Earth, lean on your soul tribe who will have your back. Plan on an exit strategy for the future so you can disentangle yourself with commitments that no longer serve a purpose for your soul growth. Reduce the amount of time you are exposed to toxic, dark individuals. Work with your angels and guides. Ask for support to help you get through it all.

P.S. Don't forget to charge up your crystals!

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