Career switches and promotions

I was doing a little connecting with my spirit guides about how best to increase my psychic and reiki business online, when I drew these two cards below and then I knew this message was not just for me. I know several of you have been asking about job promotions, moving towards other jobs, and increasing your side hustles. I think this message may help us.

Deck: Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman

Six of Coins: There are multiples sources of abundance open to you. Do not limit yourself by focusing on one avenue only. Do the work by setting the intention and getting yourself ready to move ahead or onto your new career, but then leave it alone. Let the manifestation happen. Remove yourself from the outcome. Do not put on blinders where you are only noticing one source of revenue. The hands that open up to help you may come from unexpected sources.

Ten of Cups: Follow your creative pursuits! Those things you do on the side can become what you do full-time. Allow your family and friends to help you. Allow yourself to be supported by your team so that you can start a new project. There is room to do more than just one thing. This is the type of project that is connected to your service to humanity. Remember, we can be in service and yet still ask for our needs to be met. In fact, energetic exchanges are so needed to keep your cups feeling like they are full and not empty!

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