Birds as Messengers- A Message from Archangel Michael

Have you been noticing A LOT of birds around you lately? The birds are very active right now. Expect to see more birds, different varieties, and lots more chirping for the next 4-5 weeks. The birds are messengers of peace and hope. They offer the ability to cheer you up and to communicate messages from your loved ones passed. Listen to the message in the song the bird is singing. What have you been missing or ignoring these last few weeks? What decisions are you putting off?

Archangel Michael: You may have been seeking a specific message or answer to your question. Do not expect it to arrive in this manner. The knowledge you seek will come to you when you open your eyes to what’s right in front of you. Close your eyes and see the life you want. Imagine what your best life looks like and who’s in this life with you. The answer is right in front of you, but the question is not really what, it is how. How do I get there? You might feel like you are at a fork in the road. And you are not sure which way is the right way. Is fear or a feeling of lack of abundance holding you back from obtaining your vision? Consider that what you currently have built your life upon many not be for you any longer—that though scared, you must move on from this place.

Have honest discussions and communicate your wishes. You don’t need to feel like you are starting over all alone. You can co-create your world with the right person(s), but you must be onboard with the right people who are heading in the same direction—who took the same road when they were at the fork. Otherwise there will always be friction. This understanding is fundamental to living your vision and not just wishful thinking.

What do you need to do? Now, more than ever, you are asked to be flexible. You are asked to be patient and to think more. You are asked to envision your new world that you are co-creating now. And you are asked to share your thoughts and not keep things so bottled up inside.

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