Becoming Unstuck

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern in your life? Maybe for years? It’s interesting how we sometimes feel like life is passing us by while we are standing, glued to the sidelines, holding someone else’s “stuff.” By this, we are being pulled down energetically by those in our lives who are stuck. And their stuck energy is causing us to be stuck. How do we un-stuck ourselves? How do we break free from the toxicity holding us back?

Try this:

1. Hope – things may be stuck for a length of time, but they can change rapidly—even overnight.

2. Pay attention – to the new people brought into your life. Are they there to show you something you’ve been missing?

3. Step up – take action to help the other person become un-stuck. Be a leader. Offer gentle guidance.

4. Help – each other. Support one another. Love one another. Offer kindness in every situation.

5. Be patient – look for the signs from the Divine guiding you. Until then, release the need to control the situation or to predict the outcome and wait with patient hope.

6. Pray – have you asked God and your angels to help you, to support you, and to raise you up?

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