Be bold

You have to lead with your heart. You can’t worry so much about the outcome of the situation. You can only hide the real you so much. It longs to leap out of the box you put yourself in at times. It wants to be liberated. There may be valid reasons to fear the judgment you know you are likely to face, but you have to be bold sometimes.

God has given you these unique qualities for a reason. They are to serve you and others in a way that helps you. It’s not intended to cause fear or judgment for being different. It can be so difficult to persevere when so many around you are in darkness, but you can do this. You are protected by so many angels who guard you so that you may shine brightly and be a beacon for others.

If you have felt like you have really been struggling of late, that is has been one thing after another and you are on a tight-rope, know that this period is coming to an end. Miracles will start to appear. Be open to receiving them no matter how small or the package they appear in.

You are so deeply loved in Spirit! Peace to you all. If you need extra support, call upon Mother Mary to envelop you in her loving embrace. Let her help you dry your tears.

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