Awareness Rising

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending this amazing lecture, Embracing Your Divine Self by spiritual teacher Steve Nobel whose meditations I have been doing for a few years now. He shared with us Easter Morning in Wales by English poet David Whyte.

A garden inside me, unknown, secret, neglected for years…I have woken from the sleep of ages and I am not sure if I am really seeing, or dreaming, or simply astonished walking towards sunrise to have stumbled into the garden where the stone was rolled from the tomb of longing.

This poem is referring to your inner potential. I’m semi quoting Steve here, but here was his point during this workshop: focus on your best case scenario not the worst case scenario. When we are giving guidance to others, we want to see their infinite potential, not tell them what their problems are. And if they want to go on and on and on AND ON about their problems, try to lovingly guide them towards seeing their potential. We all have barriers in place that may prevent us from living our authentic lives. The question is how are you going to live it anyway? How are you going to move past this? Are you just going to give up and say I can’t do that, too much is in my way?

Some of us have heard these messages since childhood from our family. Or we hear them now from our mates. Or we tell them to ourselves. We don’t need to believe these messages. Messages that seem negative or include the verbiage “you can’t, you aren’t enough, no way” etc. etc. are not intuitive messages. These aren’t signs from above cautioning you against trying something new. These are messages coming from your ego mind (the unaware portion of your brain) or they are coming from darkness to dim your light and keep you held down in fear. You can reject these messages. Listen to your higher self (the true soul essence of yourself) and see what you really hear.

Note: This awakening process can be quite intense and some people in your crew might think you’ve completely lost your mind. That doesn’t mean you should not rise anyway, just be prepared for it and find allies. There are so many others just like you.

“We have to train ourselves to focus on what we are good at. Then we will see our energy start to rise.” Steve Nobel

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