Are we really ever alone?

We are never really alone. There is so much love and support for us if we open up and reach out for it. I had a rocky few days and the outpouring of love I had from my friends and family completely uplifted me. And in the spirit world, I just felt my guides crowding my room and offering support. I’m so incredibly lucky to have that. I am always grateful and a little amazed by this. Even during a disappointing time, I can still feel joy and inner peace knowing this love is so present for me.

What do you do if you don’t feel you have this support, this network? Open yourselves up to the Divine. That love from the Divine will always be there for you. And down here on Earth consider this, the next time that co-worker, that acquaintance you don’t know super well passes you by and asks you how you are—maybe you don’t just be polite say great and keep walking by. Maybe you try opening up (if you feel you can) and say you are having a moment. We all have so much kindness to offer one another. Allow yourself to receive it as freely as you give it.

Do this too… be your own cheerleader. Here’s a real life example of something that just happened to me:

Unhappy Male: You aren’t this…you do this…you aren’t perfect (reading between the lines)…yada…yada…yada…and a bunch of other b.s.

Me: Wow! Really? Because I think I’m awesome!!

Me (on the inside): Wow! You seem kinda douchey. Why didn’t I see that before?

Remember, we don’t need to believe the stories other people tell us about ourselves. Just put the brakes on that real quick!

Be well friends!

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