ArchAngel Michael: Who he is and how he can help you

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe in your confinement. Yesterday I posted an article about the Archangel, or Saint, Michael and his sanctuary which is located in the province of Foggia, Italy in the town of Monte Sant’Angelo. It is there that the Archangel (AA Michael) was revealed four times. Three times to a bishop and once a thousand years later to another bishop. The last time was during the period of the second plague which caused the death of about 1 million Italians.

I was at the chapel built into the Mountain of Gargano in the early part of December, before our lives in the United States were so greatly impacted by Covid-19. It is there, you can feel the presence of the AA Michael in great force. It is a calm, quiet, soothing place, that has a very distinct smell. AA Michael is my main spirit guide and has been assigned to me since birth. He has been guiding me along my journey with great gusto and must have boatloads of patience to deal with me on a daily basis!

I asked him to describe himself, how we can call upon him to help us, and why he revealed himself to the bishops in Monte Sant’Angelo. These are his words below.

Archangel Michael: I am the warrior angel who leads the other angels to provide protection, strength, balance, and harmony in the home. I help others gain confidence and develop their own inner strength. I am often depicted in warriors’ clothes with a blue cape, shield, and sword. This is a good visualization for me as my main purpose is battling the darkness and transmuting that into light.

What I can help you with: I will be there for you the second you call upon me. This can be verbally or silently in your mind. If you feel fearful or nervous, ask me to be with you, to guide you to a safer passage. I can help you gain confidence to carry on your unique mission. If you need extra protection in your home, ask me to watch over your dwelling and to keep you and your family safe.

Monte Sant’Angelo: The cave is a very important place because it shows the faith in the people to build something, to create the unknown simply based on faith. They had nothing else to go on. It is a very sacred place where it is very easy to feel my presence. You don’t need to be in the beautiful chapel to receive my blessing. Picture yourself inside this mountain chapel, upon the altar, and ask for my blessing and I will provide it to you.

Remember you are all light warriors in training!

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