Angelic Weekly Energy Report

>Monday- Prayer– It’s a good time to connect with the Divine. Give your worries over and allow yourself the freedom to believe in miracles. Miracles are all around us, and more will be arriving.

>Tuesday- Pain– If you don’t let go of the past or of the future you decided upon, then you will be in pain. It may manifest physically or through the mind which will be plagued with unease. For deep emotional healing to take place you must forgive yourself and let go.

>Wednesday- Ascension – You are on a spiritual path. You might be on a different leg of the journey from one another, but you’ve put the wheels in motion. You can’t go back. You aren’t the same person you were before you started. You are rising. With that can come symptoms of unease and a feeling of unrest. Ground your energy!

>Thursday- Manifestation – You are on a growth journey. With that comes transformation as you shed the old, outer layers that were barring others from seeing the real you. You can manifest the life you want. Work on visualizing the scene you’d like to be living in.

>Friday- Signs – If you see feathers, coins, ladybugs, ants, crystals, or other tokens mysteriously appear on your path today, know that these are signs from the heavenly realm letting you know that you are not alone. You are safe and protected.

>Saturday- Feel your feelings – Don’t bury your emotions. Feel all your feelings. Burying your real feelings, no matter what they are (anger, fear) will keep your vibrational level down and lower your energy. Work through your emotions. Give them a name.

>Sunday – Dreams – Expect intense dreams tonight, including visits from crossed over loved ones and maybe beings you’ve never met before. The energy is very intense on this day. Just allow yourself to go with whatever comes up. If your dreams start to scare you, call upon Archangel Michael to protect you. He will keep you safe as your journey.

This week many will be on edge. Try to be the peacemaker. Be the calm, cool voice of reason. Do all things in love and offer compassion to all. Stand together in community.

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