Ah Mercury Retrograde is Back!

This retrograde will push us to our limits at times. It’s all fear driven. When you feel yourself at the end of your rope, ask yourself why you feel this way? What is the base emotion that is bringing up these feelings for you? Many times, it’s the ego part of yourself that is living or hiding in fear. This is a time to be kind and gentle with yourself as emotions will flare up at unexpected times. Observe your feelings, write them down, process them, but try not to act upon them just yet. This is a good time to consider yourself an observer of your brain and nothing more. People will test your patience. Try to delay your response for as long as possible. It’s okay to respond to that email or text a few days later so that you can bring your emotional level down a few notches. This is a good time to evaluate your friendships. Do you need to make any adjustments? Where can you detox your life? For those of you who are just starting to move towards a deeper, spiritual path have faith that these setbacks are only temporary and that all good things will come your way in time. But you have to be the one to believe this. Can you envision your life as you want it to be? Paint a picture of what you wish it to be. Then allow room for miracles. Take the word impossible out of your thoughts.

Channeled by Laura Giacobbe from the Goddess Diana

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