A Reading for Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon is upon us! Have you been having intense, crazy dreams too? The message for this full moon period is guided by Mother Mary and the Goddess Diana. The spirit animal for today is the Dove. Crystals are amber, pyrite, and ocean jasper. Don’t forget to charge your crystals tonight!

The message: Healing is occurring at a deep cellular level. You are experiencing growth and regeneration. This is a process of shedding all the old layers and emerging into a beautiful new version of yourself.

Forgive. You are asked to let go and forgive anyone or any systems in place that have tried to keep you down. No one can keep you down any longer. The light energy is rising fast and it is very strong.

If you have struggled with your self-esteem in the past or currently do, know that those who put you down purposely to prevent your own ascension have no power over you. Their impression of you doesn’t matter. Ignore that criticism. You know where you are going. You are rising strong.

Now is the time to release any toxic people or patterns from your life. If you are surrounded by a person or place that does not echo your soul intentions—consider moving forward without this toxic weight added to your back.

Have you connected with your passion and purpose yet? Daydream and plan how this could work out in the future. Dream without barriers. See yourself engaged in the activities that make your soul sing.

Celebrate you! Be your own cheerleader. Be a fan of the amazing you that is ever present. Don’t wait for someone else to determine your worth. You know it! Sing your own praises.

Stop doubting yourself. Your true potential is limitless. There is time and resources to make your purpose come alive. You have the ability to accomplish magnificent things. Expect miracles to arrive on your doorstep.

Your future is not set in stone. You are the catalyst for change. You don’t need to repeat the cycle of poverty or lack you were born into. Eliminate any past life karmic ties to vows of poverty or lack of abundance in love you may have made. You were born into your family to help move the family’s karma forward and to release that old, heavy energy that has been holding the group back. Use your healing strength and love to dissolve all that dark energy!

Mother Mary: “There is always hope. Pray to me if you feel lost or unsure, and I will hold you in my arms as I did my son. I am here for you always.”

Doves as spirit animals- Be on the lookout for a pair of doves in the next few days. Doves are the ultimate symbol of peace. If you have been worried or troubled, know that seeing the doves is a message that everything is going to be okay and that calm days are ahead.

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