A Message of Hope from master guide Jesus

I hope you are all doing well despite the chaos. I was asked to deliver this message. I think many of you know how this works for me, I just sit down and write whatever I hear from the guide speaking to me. It is very specific and direct. These are not my words really, but the words of the guide who wishes to communicate. I was asked to communicate this from Jesus. Here is his message:

Right now, is the coming of a new age. This is a transition; a major shift is occurring. It may seem scary and uncertain, but in the end, you will see a lot of good come to light and a reason for what is occurring right now. Try to stay calm and peaceful. You must have faith that things will get better. They will with time, but not right away. We are cleansing and purging a lot of old outdated systems. You can be at peace knowing that God is truly watching over you and your loved ones. You must stay vigilant in your faith. You must have hope. Keep it in your heart. Don’t let your enemies bring you down. Rise up together with one another. Offer each other alms. Keep your head above water. Listen to the messages from the angels. They are helping you and providing wise guidance during this time. Pray. Pray each day and night, then pray some more. That is the way, and the path to salvation. You are all so very loved. You are not being punished. Please don’t see what is happening as a punishment from God. It is not that. It is an awakening. Keep yourself calm by singing songs of praise. Let us support each other, near and far, by offering our love to one another. Keep love in your heart. Love and kindness is the answer to all your questions. Think about this.

You will see some relief in the near future, perhaps the end of May. There will be a cure. A scientist has already discovered it. A very clever man from Canada. He will publish a well-known paper on this. The vaccine will come to you in late July of 2021. Until then, things will ebb and flow. Your patience will be put to the test. Some of you are needed to carry out important missions on the Earth plane and have already been vaccinated by the Divine. Not all will fall sick, but many will and many already have what they need to ward off the virus.

Remember to keep each other safe. To befriend one another. To give your praise to God. He is the way to your ever-lasting salvation. Pray to him. Pray to me and my mother. I will help you through this—through your suffering. You are not alone. I love you all so much.

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