A Message from White Tara

I’m not sure how you have been doing lately, but it has been a super emotional roller-coaster for me the last few weeks with several moments of what I can only describe as brain fog. Or maybe it is the upcoming effects of the Supermoon Full Moon this Thursday. Yes, May 7th is the Flower Moon and it will be in the sign of Scorpio. It is also the eve of Beltane. Historically Beltane was the festival that the Irish had when ushering in the beginning of summer.

I heard a message from White Tara this morning to pass along to you. Who is White Tara? She is the Buddhist goddess of rebirth and rejuvenation. She is here to help you take inventory of your life and to be renewed into your original soul essence. She offers you guidance in learning how to liberate yourself from the outdated beliefs and thinking that held you back in the past.

White Tara’s message: Happy May Day to you all. The light is ascending and the period of darkness you have been living in will be lifted soon. You are being asked to offer compassion to all. Remembering that in liberating others from the sorrow they are in, you liberate yourself as well. There is a freedom in opening your heart wide to the caring and suffering of all beings. You don’t need to be worried or consumed by the sheer amount of suffering. You can offer recognition that another being, other than you, is suffering too. In that small space of recognition, we really see beyond our limited walls, we see that other person—very clearly. We offer unconditional compassion. When we have nothing else to offer, we can offer this. And this is actually the greatest gift we can offer to one another and to humanity. The gift of opening up our hearts to one another, to recognize each other, to really see one another, and to hold the other in an embrace within your heart—even if it’s just for a few moments.

Key messages for the next few weeks:

1. Replace loathing, hatred, and anger with compassionate learning.

2. Awakening to a deeper spiritual place can be exhausting work. Know when to retreat into silence and take a meditative pause.

3. Seek ways to bring harmony into your life. What is the song your soul wishes to sing?

Wishing you a peaceful week!


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