A Message from Mother Mary

This week, I hope you believe and trust in a higher power. I hope you don’t feel hopeless or overwhelmed. Hope is here. Be decisive in praying for what you want. Ask specifically. If you have special gifts to share with the world, now is not the time to be shy. Share those gifts and talents. With some of the extra time now available to you, daydream more. Spend time thinking about the life you’d like to live and what you plan on doing after you are released from your temporary hold. If you hear a message in your ear or get a strong feeling on something, know that guidance is trustworthy. Those messages you receive are always loving, gentle, and kind. If that’s not what you hear, that is not your guides talking to you. That is fear creeping into your ego. Stay positive about the changes that are happening. Can you see any good that might come out of it for you? What lessons can you learn? Accept what is presently happening, but keep in mind that you can control the way you handle this adversity. Are you going to rise to the challenge? Focus on inviting more love and peace into your home and your heart and this will be multiplied when it comes to you.

Wishing you all everlasting peace in your heart.

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