A Message from Mother Mary

I know you are frightened by these changes—that they seem unbearable and insurmountable. This is not so. Only in time will you see that these changes were necessary. That this disease was written into the contract with each soul who has left the Earth plane because of it. Death is not the end. The soul will regenerate and grow. There will be a profound release. Peaceful times will be coming your way. Until then, stay connected to each other. You need not be in physical contact with each other to express your love to each other. Take time each day to remember what you are grateful for. There is still so much to be grateful for. Spend this time with your families offering comfort to each other. Remember that you chose to be here because you wanted to be a part of the next great wave in humanity. Everlasting peace to you all. Call upon me if you are scared or lonely and I will hold you in my arms and comfort you. I’m right there with you. Peace to you all.

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