A Message from Atlantis from the goddess Robin

This is a time to rest and relax. Yes relax! It might seem you need to do just the opposite, but you are being invited to rest your mind and relax your body during this time. You are overworked. Now is not the time to add more to your burden. Surrender your concerns. Yes, let go! It seems you have to hold on so tight to that which is so precious to you right? This is not the way. Surrender to what is happening and know that the way to everlasting peace is only brought about through love. Love is the golden key. That is the secret weapon. You may feel as if you are tapped out of love; you have no more left to give. You can’t possibly give any to another person or even to something so large as the world. But this isn’t true. Your capacity to love is endless, it is infinite, stretching far and wide. You only need to open your heart center and you will see that it will always refill. It will always regenerate with more love. It can never empty. If you have been hiding in the shadows or taking actions that will dull your shine, this is a time of revelation for you. You are being called to shine brightly so that you can help others who are lost. You know who you are. Unite. Listen to your guides and look for the angels who are all around you to reveal themselves. Then spread your light for the world to see. It’s so very needed right now.

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